Digital Badge

How to Set Up Your Digital Wallet to Receive your SIGConnect Conference Badge

Grab your digital SWAG from SIGConnect in the form of a virtual badge that we will mint for you and drop into your crypto-wallet. We’re offering some PRIME Leaderboard points (100 – to be exact!) for participating in this activity, so get your wallet in place and turn SIGConnect ON!

This activity gives conference-goers a fun way to dip our toes in the waters of the burgeoning world of Non-Fungible Tokens (aka “NFT’s”) managed with Blockchain technology.

First, you need to establish a Crypto-Wallet to receive the Digital Badge that SIG mints for you as a SIGConnect attendee. You will need to provide the address of your crypto-wallet when you click on the REGISTER button to log into the conference for the first time:

Establishing a Crypto-Wallet with MetaMask

  1. Navigate to the MetaMask website:
  2. Click on one of the Download buttons:
  3. MetaMask is available as a browser extension for the Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Brave web browsers. It is also available as an iOS app and Android app.
  4. Select your desired platform to continue. Note: Instructions will vary slightly depending on the platform you choose.

    The rest of the instructions here will cover the Chrome extension setup.
    1. To install the browser extension, start by selecting ‘Chrome’
    2. After selecting the Chrome platform, click the ‘Install MetaMask for Chrome’ button
  5. When the Chrome Web Store comes up, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button
  6. Click ‘Add extension’ in the confirmation dialog to continue.

    Congratulations! You have installed the extension.
    Now it’s time to setup an account (wallet).
  7. A welcome page open in a new tab. Click the ‘Get Started’ button to continue.
  8. Click the ‘Create a Wallet’ button to create a new wallet
  9. You may choose whether you would like to share usage data with MetaMask.
    NOTE: You can still use MetaMask if you opt out of sharing usage data.
  10. Create a password that will be used to login to the MetaMask extension.
    NOTE: Choose a strong password and consider storing it somewhere secure, like a password manager.
    Note that their Privacy Policy contains this advice:
    “Information we will never collect. We will never ask you to share your private keys or wallet seed. Never trust anyone or any site that asks you to enter your private keys or wallet seed.”
  11. The next step is a short video that explains some of the fundamentals to maintaining a secure wallet.
  12. A secret recovery phrase consisting of multiple words can be viewed at this time and the step can be skipped for now.
    NOTE: This recovery phrase is used to restore access to your wallet if you forget your password or if your computer crashes. You should write this down on a piece of paper and store it securely. This phrase should be protected like your online banking username and password. If you have money in your wallet/account, and you could lose it if the phrase is compromised.
  13. If you viewed your recovery phrase, the last step is to confirm it. Select the words in the order that they were presented to confirm the secret recovery phrase
    You’re done!! You now have a wallet address on the blockchain and can send/receive crypto assets!
    Click the ‘All Done’ button to acknowledge the dialog and load the application.
    Welcome to MetaMask! You should now see the following view displaying your wallet information.

Some important items in the wallet UI

  1. Account Name (within MetaMask)
  2. Public address
  3. Network in use (default is Ethereum Mainnet)
  4. Asset type and balance (default is Ethereum)

The public address (2) is what you provide when receiving any crypto assets – like your SIGConnect NFT badge. Copy and paste it here:

It is completely safe to share your public address.

Never share your secret recovery phrase or private key with anyone.

Congratulations – you’ve completed the exercise and started on your Leaderboard position ahead of the conference. We’ll see you at the top!!